Public Institution Football Club "Žalgiris"

Olimpiečių str. 17, LT-09237 Vilnius
Official page
1947 May 16th
The club was founded in 1947 as Dynamo Vilnius, renamed as Spartakas a year later. It adopted it's current name Žalgiris from 1962. The team was the representative football side of Lithuania and went on to win bronze in the Soviet football league in 1987. Following Lithuania's independence re-establishment in 1990 Žalgiris became a private club and the most successful in terms of trophies.
The club suffered a collapse in 2008 and was re-established by it's supporters as Vilnius City Football Association Žalgiris established in 2009 February 26th.
In 2014 November 25th the club brought back it's old name.